LDR Maximus

Yak, Bull (male) | Imperial

IYAK - Appendix# 2E075 | DOB: 5/27/2017 (3 yrs)



Bull (male)Imperial
This powerful solid Imperial bull is the result of a purposeful breeding to concentrate the genetics of the famous LDR BLACKBERRY K074( 2009 NWSS Grand Champion Yak(both sexes). DOUBLE BERRY has more power than just about any bull Living Diamonds Ranch has produced. Name it he has it. Length, girth, correct conformation, correct hooves and overall substance to spare plus a super quiet disposition derived from his super quiet mother LDR APPLE BERRY P012 ( 2011 NWSS Grand Champion Female). APPLE BERRY is the most powerful female at LDR deriving this from her maternal grandmother LDR BLACK BEAUTY G082 the most powerful of the Billy the Kid daughters and her sire FW ESCALADE L076 named for an oversized SUV. As a result DOUBLE BERRY has more thickness over his top(sirloin) than any bull we have produced or seen and this is carried thru out the length of his torso. He looks like DR. LOCK his sire, but with a top line that reminds me of "SENIOR DIAMOND" D248 his great great grandsire. Put this bull on just about any set of yak females in North America and you will see bankable results. Sought after Imperial offspring with substance you can't deny. His first born offspring April 02 of this year is an outstanding Imperial Trim heifer calf that will be one of the best LDR calves of 2017. Her name is DREAMWORKS and she has sold for $7500.00 into WI and his firstborn bull calf of the season a solid Imperial has sold at 3 months old for $15,000.00 into NY. That is correct $22500.00 for his first 2 calves. Tell me why he would not work for any serious yak breeder. I would not be selling him except I have just purchased FW STETSON T029 the ultimate DR.LOCK son from Bill Martin of FAR WEST Farm. Perhaps you think you cannot afford a LDR bull. Well the answer might be you cannot afford to not have a LDR bull. Just investigate how our yaks are performing for our customers. We are dominating the high end market. DOUBLE BERRY recently sold into South Dakota for $15,000.00


Cow (female)Native
IYAK - Foundation# N083DOB: 6/8/200416 yrs
FW PRINCE ALLANTE C020 X LDR KLICK #15 J086. 2010 NWSS Grand Champion Female(Pen Show). BLOCKBUSTER'S mother LDR KLICK #15 J086 was one of the top 3 BILLY THE KID daughters at Living Diamonds Ranch and was massive in her structure which she passed onto her appropriately named daughter. BLOCKBUSTER is the mother of LDR CUB CADET R036 the 2012 NWSS Grand Champion Female(Pen Show) and the most sought after female at LDR. She could easily have set a record price several times over if we had desired to part with her. Also the mother of LDR BEAR CAT 2C111 the 2017 NWSS Reserve Grand Champion Female(Pen Show) also sired by DR.LOCK and favored by myself as the most exciting female at Living Diamonds Ranch. Her full sibling brother to these 2 females LDR BALLISTIC sold to Joe Panna of New York for $7500 and is doing an excellent breeding job on their farm. Another 4-year-old solid Imperial full sibling brother is available at LDR for a reasonable price of $5000.
 IYAK - Foundation# N083 Native


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