BY Raven

Yak, Heifer Calf (female) | Imperial Trim

DOB: 6/21/2018 (2 yrs)

TQWY Klondike's Hot Dog

TQWY Klondike's Hot Dog

Bull (male)Native Trim
DOB: 7/21/20146 yrs
We took some time to choose our bull, and are we glad we did! Hot Dog is just awesome. The day after we bought him he won 1st place in the pen show at the National Yak Show in Denver. He is going to grow to be a larger bull with wonderful conformation. His hocks are perfectly aligned. He has gorgeous fiber (that really needs a combing right now). Treats are his favorite and he will come running when he sees anyone with them! His “calf crop” this year is very impressive. He definitely leaves a stamp.
  Native Trim
BY Rinzen

BY Rinzen

Cow (female)Royal
DOB: 4/28/20155 yrs
Rinzen is a beautiful yak. She has wonderful markings and soft fiber. She is especially fun to watch gallop around the pastures with her tail up and her tongue out! Her bloodlines are royal...and so is she!


Updated 12/16/2020