BY Kai

Yak, Cow (female) | Royal

DOB: 7/25/2014 (6 yrs)

BY Target
BY Sue

BY Sue

Cow (female)Royal
DOB: 5/25/200713 yrs
Sue is such a sweet girl! She has only been on our farm for a few months, but is the star of the show. To meet her is to be wooed. She has amazing presence and wonderful markings. She is also a loving and attentive mother.

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My sweet Kai! She just loves me. She can see me out doing yard work and just starts grunting because she wants me to come visit. She and her sister, Terri, really stick together. They are quite the pair. They stand out due to their Royal coloration. I can't wait to see what she matures into!

Updated 8/16/2019


Heifer Calf (female)3 yrsRoyal
Heifer (female)2 yrsNative Trim
Bull Calf (male)1 yrRoyal
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